Arne Reis

Project Partner


Complexity Facilitator

“In today’s increasingly complex working world, people, teams and organisations need three things to remain successful: a real ability to work together, the courage to constantly reinvent themselves and a healthy mixture of serenity and humility.“

Arne accompanies clients on their way through the VUCA world as an organisation developer, trainer, and facilitator. He sees change processes as an opportunity to take people along and to strengthen organisations through co-creation. As a certified Radical Collaboration Trainer, he is particularly interested in cooperation. Arne is convinced: When people in companies work together as equals across departmental, hierarchical, or generational boundaries, it is not only exciting process and product innovations that will emerge, but also a culture of cooperation that is a real bonus in times of a strained labour market.

Encouraging executives and HR to work with digital and agile skills

As a consultant, Arne relies on his personal experience in corporations, start-ups and NGOs as well as his interdisciplinary background. He sees himself as a designer of experience-oriented learning formats and agile work. He is also keen to accompany managers and HR experts on the road to more innovative strength. For him, this means improving the employee experience and courageously implementing new digital solutions with, for example, design thinking methods. Arne builds bridges between daring disruptive approaches and the reality of what can be put into practice in the customer’s everyday life – he believes that nothing is more meaningless than theoretical castles in the sky that collapse in practice like houses of cards. Prior to joining HRpepper, Arne spent several years designing innovative HR processes and change programs at Deutsche Telekom and as a project manager for executive development at the Swiss start-up company euforia.

As co-founder of the organisation “The Arc”, he is committed to the personal development of young leaders from companies and NGOs. He is often found on the volleyball pitch, with friends in an escape room, or recently on the Way of St. James.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

I associate HRpepper with a lot of humanity and appreciation, but also versatility and a lot of power.

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