Christopher Kuhl



Organized pathfinder

“Anyone who wants engagement and commitment must shape the conditions in such a way that people are self-organized and feel the added value of their actions.”

Christopher stands at the cutting edge of times and has put his heart and mind into helping organisations adapt to new environmental conditions. Whether as a moderator or process facilitator, he is enthusiastic about new forms of cooperation and the importance of people in organisations. He is convinced: As long as people are involved in the creation of value, organisations will have to take their needs seriously and respond to them. In his opinion, the homo economicus does not exist any longer.

Clear focus on results

In his consulting approach, Christopher combines a systemic understanding of the organization with in-depth methodological knowledge, a clear focus on results and consideration for people at the heart of business. Before joining HRpepper, Christopher studied business psychology with a focus on industrial and organizational psychology as well as business administration with special emphasis on international management. In addition to this, he worked in the start-up environment in the area of recruiting and sales, thus laying the foundations for understanding HR processes and the business requirements for HR at an early stage.

When Christopher is not on the road for HRpepper, he can be found going at high speed on his motorcycle, climbing cliff faces, or just spending time with his friends.

What else would you like to learn?

I would like to break up the concept of learning a little bit and override it with the expression of “confrontation”. One can learn skills or knowledge, but what is becoming relevant in the increasingly networked world, in my opinion, is the understanding of the mindset and values of other cultures. I would like to deal with values and the resulting expectations of other cultures and understand why they behalf differently than, for example, yourself. Then one can understand that there is only a subjective truth and no universally valid “right or wrong”.

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