Julius Lassalle

Project Partner


Growth Maniac

Responsibility for development lies with each individual – but the organization must provide a good framework for this.

Julius is a graduate psychologist, business change expert as well as Gestalt consultant and coach. He is passionate about the growth processes of organizations and, above all, of the people who work in them. He brings with him a wealth of experience both as a consultant and as an executive in companies in the tech and e-commerce sector. In both worlds, he has found that ultimately, it is always about the practical solutions to problems and behavioral changes when companies are in the process of growth and change. In his opinion, sustainable change can only be established if the focus is on “people” and the “system” in which they work.

Working on and in the system

With regard to people topics, Julius focuses on leadership development, team facilitation and change management. When it comes to systems, it is performance management, competence management as well as career and development paths. Before becoming a project partner at HRpepper, Julius worked for Kienbaum, Zalando and Fyber, among others.
When Julius is not on the road for HRpepper, he spends as much time as possible with his family. He also loves walking the dog in the woods or simply indulging in idleness.

What is important to you at work?

It is important to me to work at eye level with my client, not as a “know-it-all” consultant, but as an honest companion and sometimes as an expert on certain functional topics. A good, honest contact and exchange is the basic prerequisite for this. You can also say that I bring a certain amount of egoism with me, because I want to grow with my customer projects myself.

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