Madleine Schucht

People & Culture Manager

HR Pepper Madleine Schucht

The inquisitive with heart

“If you want new answers, you have to ask new questions.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Madleine takes care of all HR-related issues at HRpepper. And she does this with great kindness on the one hand and on the other hand she aims to make working life easier for all the Peppers. After all, it’s all about everyone being able to perform at their best. In the collaboration, she attaches great importance to appreciative communication. That is why it is always pleasant to exchange ideas with her.

Madleine strives to develop further: she likes to learn and sometimes question processes that are well established and that have “always been” this way. Madleine has discovered her passion for HR issues while training as a paralegal, which is why she subsequently studied economics and earned a masters degree in business psychology. She then had her first HR job in Berlin at an employment law office.

Whenever Madleine is not working for HRpepper, she enjoys hiking in nature, exploring the capital by bike or meeting up with friends.

What is important to you at work?

It is essential for me to work in an environment in which personality is as important as expertise.

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