Plenty of room for personal development and design

Anyone who gets to know us soon notices that Peppers are somehow different. We are not a classic management consultancy and we don’t want to be. Our thinking and acting is rather determined by what we call Pepper-Style. Everyone is accepted in his or her uniqueness. At the same time, we value appreciative cooperation. Everyone gets a lot of freedom to develop and shape oneself as well as to live responsibility for themselves and HRpepper. These values and principles shared by all Peppers are an ideal. Not always reached, but quite often.

The Pepper-Style refers to our way of working with our clients as well as to the interaction of Peppers with each other. For us, the outside and inside are two sides of the same coin. We firmly believe that exceptional customer experiences are based on engaging employee experiences. And good employee experiences are also the result of inspiring customer experiences.

The Pepper story begins in 2012, with the intention of establishing a different quality of organizational consulting. Our claim is simple: We make organisations future-oriented – by using a curious glance, fresh thinking and innovative methods. People, their abilities and their interaction as success factors are the focus of attention. With each project, we want to make a small contribution to improve tomorrow’s working environment. That’s what drives us.

Our clients come from all sectors of the economy: DAX and MDAX companies are just as much among them as (large) medium-sized companies and public organisations. One focus lies on changing industries such as financial services, transport, logistics and utilities.


If you start with us, you can look forward to:


    • A steep learning curve in a performance-oriented environment

    • Extraordinary customer relationships that are more than just a pure contractor-client relationship

    • Hopefully a lot of meaningfulness and a desire for the future

    • A working environment that meets our standards of experience orientation

    • Plenty of room for personal development and design

    • Choice of one’s own people manager and priorities

    • Cooperation with inspiring personalities

    • A lot of involvement and participation in strategically important questions

    • Strong cohesion and frequent collective laughter

    • Market-oriented remuneration and modern work equipment

    • Recurring rituals to strengthen the team spirit