Feel good and be inspired

Every year, more than 200 people come to our Hoffest and enjoy stimulating discussions in an ambience that is second to none.


Our annual Hoffest in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a part of us. It shows pretty well who we are, what we do, how we do it. On this day, we also want to exchange ideas, be inspired, talk to interesting people and offer them a special time in a special place.

Our court festival has meanwhile become a brand of its own. The mixture of inspiring – sometimes irritating – discussions and lectures on the one hand, and the enchanting charm of the listed building and the courtyard on the other hand, make the event something very special. There are many congresses and conferences in halls and hotels, but the Pepper Hoffest is unique. Participants appreciate not only the many sessions on different topics. Many of them come back year after year, because they can have good conversations and network in a familiar atmosphere. And for some of you, the culinary delights or the musical entertainment program in the evening will certainly play an important role for your visit. The Hoffest has a high experience character – and is an important flagship for our Pepper-Style. It is therefore not surprising that there was no such thing as our court festival before the founding of HRpepper in Germany. It’s just fun.

This is how the Hoffest has been held in recent years:

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